Opera Mini 8 Secret codes

As I have already said that I'll share secret codes of opera mini in last post about secret codes of uc browser , I'm sharing the secret codes of opera mini which works on all new versions of opera mini in all platforms like Java, Android and others.

Secret codes of Uc browser

Today I'm going to share a full set of secret codes for Uc browser. After this post I will share a post with secret codes for opera mini within one or two days. I have covered all functions in two topics as internal and external.

Php script to convert Jad to Jar

In this post I'm going to share a php script to convert Jad file to Jar. Already I've shared two posts with online tool to convert Jad to Jar online and How to add that tool to your blog . The tool was based on Php and the script that I gave to your blog was a simple html form that posted to my Site . Php script to convert Jad to Jar But if you have your own site concentrated on Mobile, then you can't afford to post to another site. And if you do that your viewers will decrease their opinion on your site. So I'm going to give away the free script to convert Jad to Jar Script to convert Jad to Jar Jad Url Description of free Php script to convert Jad to Jar First the php file checks for if there any input of jad file. If there is no url input then the script produces a form to the user to enter the url User enters the url of the Jad file. The php file extracts the url from the User specified Jad file Php script extracts the Jar url from the jad file. Then it display

Tool to make your fb $тaтц$ cool:

Tool to make your FB status cool Tоdaу Ї caмё цp шїтн a иєщ тооl то мaкё уоцґ FB $тaтц$ cооl lїкє тнї$ тёжт. Enter the text you want to make cool for your Facebook status:

10 Addictive java Games 2014

After last year's list of games , being a blockbuster, I'm sharing this year's top 10 JAVA games. Like last years this list is based on downloads, ratings, comments, many game download sites for java and my personal experience! Currently images are hidden.

Alchmey os, a second operating system for your java mobile

After a long break to blogging (6 Months) I'm back with a wonderful software for you java phones. This post explains you about alchemy-os for java phones without leaving any feature of that app. Alchemy-os Now a days Java phones are getting neglected by app developers as they find android and some other platforms more useful than Java for mobiles. Even Uc browser launched Java Update before months ago and launching and update for android every month. Lets get into what is alchemy-os.

Link your twitter account with facebook profile.

You can update the Facebook posts to twitter all time automatically by linking the two accounts. Its unbelievable ?. But you can do it. I'm not going to write a long post about this So that you can sync it fast.